Gov. Cuomo announces college program for prisoners

Posted at: 02/16/2014 2:15 PM
Updated at: 02/16/2014 2:21 PM

Governor Cuomo announced on Sunday an initiative to provide college classes for prisoners, in attempt to curb recidivism rates.

According to a release from the governors office, the initiative will provide college-level courses at 10 state prisons, one in each region of the state. The program would offer associates and bachelor's degrees for inmates.

In the release, Gov. Cuomo says, "Giving men and women in prison the opportunity to earn a college degree costs our state less and benefits our society more."

In terms of cost, the governor says the program would cost about $5,000 each year per inmate.

According to the governor's office, providing education for prisoners has shown to decrease recidivism rates, which currently stands at 40%.