Nojay talks about unrest in Ukraine

Posted at: 02/20/2014 11:40 PM
Updated at: 02/21/2014 12:04 AM

Thursday was another violent day in Ukraine.

Violence escalated when a special police unit, with approval by the government, began shooting protestors.

Officials say the death toll from today's fighting is anywhere from 45 to 100 people, this just 24 hours after country leaders declared a truce with the protestors.

World leaders, including President Obama, say they want the president to pursue a peaceful resolution with those calling for his resignation.

We spoke to Assemblyman Bill Nojay; he has observed international elections for years, including ones in Ukraine. He was in the country during the last big uprising in 2004.

"This is a conflict that's been going on for over 20 year. There are strong memories and emotions running on both sides and it's not a conflict that's going to be resolved through violence. It has to be resolved politically through compromise and through a democratic process in Ukraine’s parliament," said Nojay.

Meanwhile, Ukraine's Interior Ministry says more than five-dozen police troops have been captured by protestors.