13 arrested on drug-related charges in Livingston County

Posted at: 02/21/2014 11:11 AM
Updated at: 02/21/2014 5:41 PM

Thirteen people have been arrested on drug-related charges in Livingston County.

The Livingston County Drug Task Force says the arrests are the result of several months’ worth of investigation. The arrests include sale and possession of a number of drugs, including crack, marijuana, cocaine, acid and various types of pills.

The following people were arrested and charged:

Daniel J. Cathron, 22, of Lima
Monique M. Charvenka, 25, of Lima
Lauren H. Krebbeks, 25, of Lima
David M. Villodas, 38, of Mount Morris
Joseph A. Fletcher, 47, of Geneseo
Chelsea M. Dacey, 26, of Mount Morris
Dawn M. Davis, 30, of Leicester
Noble Williams III, 21, of Geneseo
Brian R. Houck, 28, of Avon
Mallory J. Clancy, 29, of Hornellsville
Keion L. Peterson, 40, of Rochester
Sheena Natrigo-Perdue, 31, of Livonia
Nathan Lerner, age 23, of Geneseo

Investigators say some of suspects knew each other, but the arrests are not all connected.

News10NBC asked what impact this has on the area.

Sheriff Tom Dougherty, Livingston County, said, "I think anytime we can intercept or make drug purchases in a controlled environment that's a win for us not only in Livingston County but other places. Drugs travel, so it doesn't matter if it's surrounding counties or right here, today, certainly has a big impact on our community."

Police are still working to arrest 39-year-old Laura Fletcher from Batavia. If you have any information on her whereabouts, you're asked to call 911.

The drug task force was formed last year. It's made up of deputies from the Livingston County Sheriff's Office, local police departments and state police, along with representatives from the district attorney's office.