Greece Olympia teacher resigns

Posted at: 03/04/2014 12:10 PM
Updated at: 03/04/2014 11:30 PM
By: Lynette Adams

A teacher in the Greece School District has resigned after a post on social media appears to show her using inappropriate language in the classroom.

The district told News10NBC Tuesday they believe the photo is authentic.

A mother says her daughter took the photo while she was in Sharon Duffy's American Sign Language class at Greece Olympia.

On Tuesday the District confirmed Duffy is the teacher in the photo. In the photo you see her with a list of words on a smart board. The top word is vulgar and sexually explicit.

This all came to light when Mary Jo Norgaard posted the photo of the teacher on her Facebook page. She says her daughter took the picture. The photo was then shared Tuesday on the Facebook page of radio hosts Kimberly and Beck of 98.9 The Buzz.

Norgaard didn't want to appear on camera, but told us she was shocked at how offensive it was to her.

Tuesday evening News10NBC received a statement from Greece School Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams, saying the matter had been addressed immediately and that a resignation had been accepted from Duffy. Williams goes on to say:

"As educators, we are advocates for students, their safety and achievement and can expect to be held to high standards of conduct at all times. We thank those who brought this troubling matter to our attention. Anyone with concerns related to staff or students is encouraged to report them so they can be addressed immediately."

Tuesday night News10NBC went to Sharon Duffy's home to speak with her. When she saw us at the door, she turned away. She also did not respond to email requests earlier in the day.

Tuesday night News10NBC wanted to know what Greece residents have to say about the allegations against Duffy.

“We're having problems with young kids at this point. Why are we going to teach them or bring that kind of discussion into a school place where they're supposed to be learning to be better people,” said Jasmine Woods, Greece resident.

“I wouldn't expect her to resign. I know she made a mistake but I wouldn't even expect that out of her. I know she was a really nice lady. I really surprised by this whole situation,” said Nick Oliveri, Olympic class of 2013.

Norgaard says she is scheduled to meet with the superintendent Wednesday afternoon to discuss this matter. We are not sure if that meeting is still on following Duffy’s resignation.