Charter school rally held in Albany Tuesday

Posted at: 03/04/2014 6:39 PM
Updated at: 03/04/2014 6:40 PM

Eleven thousand students showed up on the steps of the state capitol Tuesday. Students, their parents and teachers rallied for more funding when it comes to charter schools.

Governor Cuomo says he’s listening and hears them loud and clear. Cuomo says he agrees there needs to be some drastic changes when it comes to the state’s education system. He says he’s all about getting results. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “We spend more money per pupil than any other state and yet we are 32nd in results. It's not just about putting more money in the public school system, it's about trying something new and that's what charter schools are all about.”

Right now, there are more than 50,000 parents across the state on a waiting list for a charter school.