Ice issues along Canandaigua Lake

Posted at: 03/07/2014 4:51 PM
Updated at: 03/07/2014 7:05 PM
By: Josh Nichols

Our unrelenting cold winter weather has affected all of us in a number of ways whether it is on land or on water. For residents in the Finger Lakes, it's the ice that's formed and thickened over time that's caused a lot of people to take notice. 

It’s not just because the ice is thicker, it’s also because the ice is making a lot of curious noise. 

The shifting of the ice has also been a problem for some who have docks. If the ice gets close, it can easily take out whatever is in its way.

For ice fishermen though, the complaints are few.

The data News10NBC’s Weather Center has seen suggests temperatures remaining below normal for the next several days. So this ice is going nowhere fast for now, which means residents along the shorelines of our frozen fingers will continue to be subjected to both the icy sights and sounds of this cold winter.