I-Team 10 Follow Up: Town issues inspection deadline for Medley Centre

Posted at: 03/10/2014 5:27 PM
Updated at: 03/10/2014 6:12 PM
By: Brett Davidsen

It was another deadline for the Medley Centre. On Monday, the town of Irondequoit gave the mall owners a time limit to let inspectors go inside the water damaged mall. The town says it wants proof that violations have been corrected. 

The town of Irondequoit fired off a letter to Medley Centre owner Scott Congel, telling him he needs to prove he's taken care of violations cited by the fire marshal or face legal action and possible fines. 

On Friday, I-Team 10 obtained exclusive pictures from inside the Medley Centre. They were taken by the town in January after frozen sprinkler pipes burst during a spell of very cold weather. 

The mall owner was issued notices of violation for not having a working fire protection system and for having combustibles in a storage area of the mall. A company spokesman tells I-team 10 repairs have now been made to the sprinkler system and the mess cleaned up.

But Monday, the town supervisor sent mall owner Scott Congel a letter telling him he has 72 hours to schedule a time to prove it. 

Adam Bello, Irondequoit Town Supervisor, said, "We're going to require that he show us that he did it. We need proof. I think taking anything, at this point, at Medley Centre on faith isn't going to work for me."

The photographs show the result of the water damage. There are ceiling tiles strewn throughout areas of the mall, bent sprinkler pipes, icicles growing from the end of this sprinkler, standing water and floor tiles buckling all over.

The pictures elicited strong responses from our viewers, who sounded off on our Facebook page. Many were most disturbed that the signature carousel remained inside the mall and at risk of deterioration. The carousel was brand new and a source of town pride when the mall opened in 1990. Bello says he plans to have a conversation with Congel about his plans for the carousel.

Bello said, "I think everyone just has fond memories of it. It's been years since anybody's been able to go in there and actually ride it. But if there are opportunities that we can make it available to the public, we'll look at it."

I-Team 10 did email Congel's partner Monday to find out what plans, if any, they have for the carousel and whether it suffered any damage from the flooding, but I-Team 10 got no response.

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