Developer: Repairs underway at Medley Centre

Posted at: 03/12/2014 10:56 PM
Updated at: 03/12/2014 11:28 PM

Wednesday night, Medley Centre developers are responding to damage and photos inside the mall that we first brought you last Friday.

According to a partner Jim Giuliano, repairs are underway following flooding earlier in the winter. On Monday, the Town of Irondequoit gave owner Scott Congel 48 hours to arrange for inspectors to go inside the water-damaged mall.

Giuliano tells News10NBC that they are addressing the violations and repairs are being made to the building. Those violations including having combustible materials removed from the site, addressing snow removal issues and a lack of working sprinkler system.

Congel says he's also made improvements and repairs to the mall, including to the heating system so pipes don't freeze and burst in the future.

In the release, Congel says, "We understand that pictures were taken on the inside of the mall by the Town of Irondequoit and that Supervisor Bello is concerned about water damage inside the mall. We do not believe there are any code violations due to cracked tiles, missing ceiling tiles and other damage caused by a sprinkler head flood. The entire mall will be remodeled and repositioned. Repairing this damage in advance of remodeling the property is irrelevant, and not the highest priority.

"What should be a  priority is resolving the differences that exist between the town, school district and Bersin Properties. So that we can move forward with what will be a significant investment and benefit for the region. In February, we offered to pay an additional $3.8 million to resolve our differences yet the Town appears unwilling to meet to resolve the differences"

We have posted the full release from Bersin Properties below. It reads:

1. Storage of Combustible Materials -  All combustibles (Holiday decorations in storage, paper products, and furniture) have been removed from the mall by a work crew hired by Bersin Properties, LLC.   Following an inspection by our contractor , we are unaware of there being any combustible fluids or gases being stored on site.

2. Fire Apparatus Access Roads-  A more widespread plowing operation has been conducted in the mall parking areas and around the mall

3. Fire Protections Systems (in the section of the mall not open to the public ) -  In accordance with section 901.7 of the building code, we will be posting notices on each entry of the unoccupied mall notifying the public that "the fire suppression systems have been disabled." We will coordinate the posting of these notices with the Code Enforcement Official.   These notices apply to the  mall which is locked and not open to the public.

We are also obtaining bids for installing further fire protection materials between Sears and the  mall.  Since Macy's has notified us of their April 2014 closing, we do not believe any further action is necessary for that end of the mall.  

In addition we would offer the following to clarify the work that has been performed  at Medley pending the repositioning of the asset.  This property continues to remain closed  while we attempt to resolve the differences that exist between the Town of Irondequoit, East Irondequoit Central School District and Bersin Properties.  

Bersin Properties has been conducting  preventative maintenance on the facility at Medley Center on a regular basis. Security patrols and inspections have been frequent.

Most recently we have completed the following: