I-Team 10 Follow-Up: Irondequoit Town Supervisor files town code violation against Medley Centre owners

Posted at: 03/13/2014 6:21 PM
Updated at: 03/13/2014 11:29 PM

News10NBC has learned that Irondequoit Town Supervisor Adam Bello and the fire marshal have filed a town code violation against the owners of the mall, Scott Congel and Bersin Properties. The violation was just filed in Irondequoit Town Court. 

Congel is accused of having combustibles inside the mall and a fire system that did not work. He had until Wednesday night to give the town a date to come inside the mall.  The town says although Congel said last night he has a plan to fix the problems, leaders want to get inside now and can't wait any longer. Congel will now receive a summons to appear in court to answer to the charges.

Supervisor Bello "It has been five years, we are not going to let people ignore the Town of Irondequoit when there are safety issues on the property."

Bello is taking legal action against the owners of the Medley Centre. Back in February, the town found violations inside the mall after flooding caused serious damage. The town found violations for combustibles being in the mall and the mall having a fire suppression system that didn't work. The owners had until last night to respond and fix the issues and they did respond.

Bello says, "The problem with the response they gave us, in relation to the combustibles, they are asking me to take it on faith that they have been removed. We had told them, it is in the town code, that you have to verify you have meet the town code, that you have corrected what you were cited for, and that was not part of the plan they submitted last night."

He continues, "I don't want this be a vicious cycle. we have been in a vicious cycle for five years, he has ignored their financial obligations, so this is just another step that we are taking to put an end to the cycle."

We reached out to Scott Congel and Bersin Properties to get a response to the charges filed on Thursday. They said they will be commenting after they see the filings. We expect a judge to schedule a court date for the mall owners to answer to the charges on Friday.