Indiegogo account set up for new instruments for Keshequa Schools

Posted at: 03/21/2014 12:13 PM
Updated at: 03/21/2014 11:31 PM

News10NBC is continuing to learn more about a music teacher from Keshequa who was arrested after police say she stole instruments from her school and pawned them to buy heroin.

Police say Danielle Conner-Willowglade was arrested twice this week. Police say she was stopped with stolen instruments. After she made bail, police say she was arrested again for possession of heroin. Her boyfriend, Nicholas Bump, is accused of helping sell the stolen instruments.

Parents in the Keshequa School District say they feel the music teacher not only took advantage of her position, but also betrayed the trust of the students she taught.

Tonya Snoddy has two girls, both in the band at Keshequa. Thankfully, their instruments weren't stolen, but some of their friends and classmates weren't so lucky.

"They were betrayed by someone they loved and respected. they are hurt," says Snoddy.

"The older one, she was obviously upset. She was crying wanting to know how something like this could happen to them."

State police say that Danielle Conner-Willowglade admitted to stealing 50 instruments from the school, pawning them and taking that money to buy heroin.

Snoddy says, "Music is a big part of my kids lives."

This mom told us who her daughters would come home from school crying because their music teacher -- Conner-Willowglade -- would yell at the band for the missing instruments. She tells us what went through her mind when she heard of the music teacher's arrest.

Snoddy says, "Outraged, betrayed... She stole our children's innocence more than anything. The instruments can be replaced, but these little kids are now going to live with this."

These band students have a concert coming up next month and now this community is rallying together to get them instruments before then.

Many of the instruments have been recovered, but News10NBC learned an Indiegogo account has been set up for people to donate to the school for new instruments. If you would like to help, click here.