Students react to tuition hike at University of Rochester

Posted at: 03/24/2014 5:54 PM
Updated at: 03/24/2014 6:51 PM
By: Rebecca Fath

Paying for a college education is pricey and it is about to get even more expensive for local college students. Students at the University of Rochester will be paying $1,500 more for tuition next school year.

News10NBC spent the day on the University of Rochester campus talking to students about the upcoming tuition hike. They know they'll be shelling out more for their education next year. 

Danielle Decrem, UR student, said, “I was surprised because the tuition is high already.”

Kathryn Montgomery, UR student, said, “It doesn't feel good at all.”

Some aren’t sure why it is going up.

Josh Anes, UR student, said, “I haven't seen exactly where the money's going.”

Montgomery said, "As a student here, when you hear anything about the tuition, it's kind of a number that's thrown at you."

Decrem said, "Maybe if I understood where it was coming from, I’d be more in support of it.”

School officials say most of the tuition increase will go toward paying faculty and recruiting quality professors. Tuition covers only 60% of the university's total expenses; the rest is raised through funding, endowment payout and other resources.

Students at RIT will pay an additional $1,300 next year and students at St. John Fisher College will see a $600 increase. 

For some, the quality of education is worth the price.

Montgomey said, "I think it's a great school. You get your money's worth here."

Daniel Zucker said, “Despite the tuition increase, I still plan on coming back here which says a lot.”

University of Rochester officials add that tuition goes up for several other reasons, including maintaining the buildings.

Other local colleges' tuition for 2014-2015 school year (this is not an increase)

The College at Brockport: $6,000
SUNY Geneseo: almost $6,000

We were unable to get tuition figures for Nazareth College and Roberts Wesleyan College.