Homeowners in Batavia continue to boil water because of E. coli

Posted at: 03/24/2014 6:29 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

More than a dozen homeowners just outside Batavia have to boil their water because it tested positive for E. coli. County officials say they’re concerned that number could grow.

Jonathan George is one of 15 homeowners just outside the city of Batavia whose water tested positive for E. coli. The county tested more than 30 homes, but George does not have to boil his water like his neighbors do because of what he just got installed in his basement. It is a UV filtration system that kills the bacteria. 

George says Lamb Farm paid for it. Lamb Farm is about a mile down the road, but whose land sits behind George’s house. The Lamb Farm confirmed it installed the filter because George is a neighbor and has two small children. The farm did not admit it was the source of the contamination. The county says there is no official source yet. 

Paul Pettit, Genesee County Public Health, said, “Could be a case where there was manure over spreading that contaminated the well or it could be something from a septic system.”

Water samples are getting tested in Albany. 

George said, “It is what it is. You live in an agricultural area, it's bound to happen.  I can't really say much else than that.”

The timing actually works out because on Thursday night there's a public hearing in the Elba School District on whether or not these homes should get hooked up to a public water system.