Club and restaurant goers react to recent East End shooting

Posted at: 03/28/2014 11:36 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

The East End is always one of the most popular places for people to hang out, especially on the weekend.

It's a spot that attracts people from all across our area, but with Friday night’s shooting in the area, are people concerned with the violence?

The shooting in the East End feels a little too close to home for the people who live here and like to come to the area for the bars and restaurants.

Mayor Lovely Warren says she will work with police to come up with a plan to make this a safer place.

“The East End is a very popular area for our city. We want to have a vibrant area, but we also have to hold the people accountable,” said Mayor Warren.

On Friday night, there is not an obvious increased police presence.

News of the shooting didn't keep people away from enjoying their night down here either. But we did want to know how people feel knowing a 22 -year-old was shot last night just a few blocks away.

Julia Sklar said, “I’ve never felt unsafe but I am always with a big group of friends.”

Richard Hinman said, “We come down here and feel things are pretty safe and sound. I use to live around the corner from here and it is pretty scary.”

Salvatore Gallo said, “I am coming from a suburban area where you don't hear about that, that much but when you do come down, I’m down here for my buddies birthday party tonight and you definitely think about it when you are walking around you are a little more careful.”

And an interesting fact about safety in that area, Police have been called to the area of Charlotte Street, where the shooting happened, 130 times since last October.