Big impact could come to common core if state budget is passed

Posted at: 03/30/2014 6:45 PM

If the proposed state budget is approved Governor Cuomo says it will have a big impact on education, especially common core.

The governor says several recommendations to improve common core are tied to the budget, including banning standardized "bubble tests" for young children, protecting students from high stakes testing, ensuring instructional time is used for teaching and learning, not over testing, as well as protecting student's personal information.

The governor's office says the goal is to reduce the pressure on students.

Larry Schwartz, of the Governor’s office said, too much pressure is being put on kids in the classroom in terms of doing test prep, so it'll be limited. So I think SED will be responsible as well as parents will be there to police the amount of time kids will be spending preparing for test as opposed to learning in the classroom.

Lawmakers are returning to Albany Sunday, and are expected to vote on the proposed budget on Monday.