Many ready to say goodbye to winter weather, others say keep it coming

Posted at: 03/30/2014 7:24 PM
By: Rachel Spotts

While many of you faced several inches of wet, heavy snow on your Driveways and walkways, Some of you welcome the snow and the extended time on the ski slopes.

We took a trip to Bristol Mountain this morning, and we talked with some of you as you were cleaning up after the snow. 

The question we're all asking right about now is will it ever end? 

The calendar says spring, but Mother Nature sure had different plans overnight, leaving us with up to a foot of snow in some parts of the region today. And the thing with this snow is its wet and heavy, making it a nightmare to shovel, but perfect for snowballs.

Peter Zuk said, “I knew it was going to be wet, just from the sound effects from last night.”

Gilbert Carujo said, I saw the snow coming down but I didn't know it was going to be like this. You know, like six inches. It's almost a foot. I thought it was really over. Oh man, summertime. We need some summertime.”

We're over a week into spring, but winter is not letting go of its icy grip on the region. The Rochester area got blanketed overnight with up to ten inches of wet, heavy snow. The kind of snow that's anything but easy to get through a snow blower.

Head south and places were hit even harder. But people aren't giving up hope.

“We know spring is in the air. And actually I did some raking yesterday and tulips are starting to pop through. So the ground is moist,” said Zuk.

All the snow is a bonus at Bristol Mountain. Skiers hit the slopes today with some fresh powder and what these kids say are perfect conditions.

Skier, Quinton Veno said, “It's a light snow. It's more powdery. So you can ski easier.”

CJ Palmiere said, “What makes it fun is really the ice and the powder.”

Not everyone is grumbling about the late snowfall. Officials at Bristol Mountain tell us they might even stay open an additional week or two thanks to the fresh powder. 

Now things will warm up over the next couple days. It's no joke, but on April 1st, we could get into the sixties.