Is Donald Trump interested in buying the Buffalo Bills?

Posted at: 04/01/2014 4:02 PM
Updated at: 04/01/2014 5:25 PM
By: Justin Granit

Who will be the next owner of the Buffalo Bills? It has been a highly speculated topic since the passing of Ralph Wilson Jr. last week. One name emerged Tuesday.

When Donald Trump announced he would not run for governor, the billionaire said, “While I won’t be running for governor of New York State, a race I would have won, I have much bigger plans in mind. Stay tuned.” Bills fans are tuning in and hoping that the winning he speaks of is on the field. On Tuesday, Trump said he will consider investing in the Bills.

Trump told reporters in Albany that a group has reached out to the 67-year-old to gauge his interest in ownership of the team. Trump expressed that if he were in charge, the Bills would stay in Buffalo. The possibility of moving the franchise is a realistic fear to many after the death of owner Ralph Wilson Jr.

The Bills are currently being operated by a trust since the death of Ralph Wilson Jr.