Meyer dazzles on the mound, educates in the classroom

Posted at: 04/07/2014 6:13 PM
By: Justin Granit

More than 8,000 people were in attendance to watch Sunday’s home opener at Frontier Field. Fans were treated to Red Wings promising pitcher Alex Meyer. 

Meyer is turning heads and not only because of what he does on the mound. Alex Meyer is hard to miss. He is 6’9. The right hander is expected to stand tall in the majors soon enough. In the meantime, Meyer will hone his craft with the Red Wings and if they listen closely, teammates can learn a thing or two from Mr. Meyer.

Alex Meyer is a force on the mound. His fastball can reach 100 miles per hour. His breaking ball can drop in at 82. That change in speed is not nearly as drastic as his change in pay. Meyer's baseball contract is worth $2 million. In the offseason, he makes $63 dollars a day as a substitute teacher. 

Alex Meyer said, “For me, it’s a good experience to be around the teachers and students, see if that is something I want to pursue. I’m not going to play forever.”

The 24-year-old is the Minnesota Twins top pitching prospect. He is also Mr. Meyer to the students in his hometown of Greensburg, Indiana. For the past three off seasons, Alex has taught kindergartens all the way up to high school seniors.

Meyer said, “I try to make it enjoyable for them. I remember when I had subs I tried to take advantage of them a bit. For me, I want to have fun with them."

Meyer's favorite subject to teach is physical education. It's also the subject that provides his most interesting story as a sub.

Meyer said, “I did have a kid puke in class from running. The teacher left me a lesson plan. I trust you to make them work. I put them through a deal, kid was sick, the kid was alright.”

Teaching is Meyer's way to give back to a community that has shaped him. Now his focusing is on shaping pitches. Many expect Meyer to be pitching in the bigs this season, Meyer expects that too

No matter how long Meyer is pitching for the Red Wings, everyone is expecting an A plus performance.

Meyer made his Wings debut on Sunday. He was sharp, allowing two runs in five innings.

Special thanks to the Indianapolis Star for the use of their photos. For more about Meyer, please go to  http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2013/12/24/minnesota-twins-alex-meyer-greensburg-baseball/4192003/