Local group to speak out against casino interest in Gates

Posted at: 04/07/2014 6:52 PM
By: Rebecca Fath

Henrietta said no, but Gates may be saying yes to bringing a new casino to our area. Gates town leaders say they're ready to take a gamble and welcome the idea of a casino in their town. They say there’s room near Rochester Tech. Park, which is next to Route 531.

A group against a new casino anywhere in our area plans to speak out and persuade Gates to change its mind.

Longtime Gates resident Linda Magin is open to change in her town.

Linda Magin, Gates resident, said, "I love it!  Just think I could walk to the casino every day!"’

She supports the town's decision to invite the Seneca Nation to build a casino in Rochester Tech Park.

Magin said, "Our taxes will be paid for and there will be jobs.”

Magin and her friends say Henrietta's loss could be their gain after the Henrietta Town Board unanimously voted against a casino.

Bill Neelin, Gates resident, said, "We see money going west to Batavia, we see it going to Seneca Niagara. We see it going east. I would like to see some of that money kept here."

Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini says he's not going to reconsider.

Mark Assini, Gates Town Supervisor said, “We think that the jobs would be helpful to the community and the tax revenue."

Assini says if a deal is reached, it could eliminate town taxes.

Assini said, “Most importantly, the residents support it in the town of Gates."

But No More Casinos Coalition says it's a bad thing for the town. Representatives say since the Seneca Nation is a sovereign state, it won't be subjected to building inspections or property taxes and could increase crime rates. But Magin says she's not worried.

Magin said, “Don't think there's going to be any more or less crime here in Gates."

The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. Monday at Gates Town Hall. News10NBC will have a crew there and bring you an update tonight at 11. 

Meanwhile, democratic county lawmakers are formally opposing a casino in Henrietta. They’re asking the governor to keep the law the same, maintaining the status quo of only allowing three Seneca casinos in the state.