White House bans selfies with President Obama

Posted at: 04/08/2014 7:00 AM
By: Associated Press

For baseball fans who aren't part of Red Sox nation, it's another reason to dislike the team.

The White House has apparently instituted a no-selfies rule for those fortunate enough to get close enough to President Barack Obama to even try to do one.

Last week, when the Boston Red Sox came to D.C. to get their presidential props, slugger David Ortiz did a selfie with Obama and had it plastered all over the internet with the help of Samsung, which apparently put him up to it.

The White House balked at the virtual commercial endorsement and when some of the U.S. Olympic team members came by to visit, they were told they couldn't use their own cameras to take pictures with the president. The White House has said there's no new policy but the long-standing practice is that it has official photographers at such events and that it's impractical to have the president pose with hundreds of people.