YouTube video shows two proposals about "Saving Charlotte"

Posted at: 04/08/2014 6:25 PM

"Save Charlotte" is the message from a video posted on YouTube showing two very different proposals to develop the port of Rochester.

One would cost nearly $80 million and include a 13-story resort hotel. It also calls for affordable housing and retail space.

The other includes a smaller four-story building.

The YouTube video was posted by a former Charlotte resident who claims the more expansive proposal would "kill Charlotte."

News10NBC asked the President of the Charlotte Community Association what he thinks.

Mike Parker, Charlotte Community Association President, said, "The Charlotte Association would like to see sustainable development, something responsible that is going to benefit everyone in the community.”

The YouTube video labeled "How to Save Charlotte" also calls attention to the failed "Fast Ferry." It has nearly 4,000 views so far and offers more details about the two proposals.