Surveillance video captures theft of trailer

Posted at: 04/08/2014 10:46 PM
Updated at: 04/08/2014 11:38 PM
By: Lynette Adams

Police are looking for a stolen trailer after it was taken from a company that makes ramps for wheelchairs. According to the owner, in the trailer was a ramp that was packed inside, ready for installation at a local home. Now the customer, who's wheelchair-bound, will have to wait possibly weeks for another one.

The owner captured the crime on tape and hopes you may be able to identify the vehicle and help get the ramp back.

At the scene, video cameras are everywhere and when you drive up to 101 Mobility on Ridgeway Avenue, a signs warns that a camera is capturing your every move. But that didn't seem to stop the theft of the company's trailer that was parked right here Monday night.

The owner is hoping you recognize the truck in the video and help police catch the thief.

Owner Miguel Millan says, "That's the worst part about it, the customer needed it. Unfortunately, he stole the handicapped ramp from the trailer and the ramps inside of it."

Miguel Millan still can't believe it. He says someone stole his 16-foot cargo trailer around 8 p.m. Monday. Inside of that trailer: a custom-made handicap ramp that his company was suppose to install Tuesday. Millan knows exactly what happened and he says surveillance cameras captured it all.

"You work so hard to work your business and keep your customers happy and keep things on time and then somebody just pulls up and blatantly takes your property and if you see that video they didn't care."

In the video, someone in a dark colored truck heading East on Ridgeway, stops at the light, looks to the right, then backs his truck over to 101 Mobility. He looks at the cargo trailer, then backs up to look at a trailer parked in front of another business. The man apparently decides to take Millan's trailer, he hooks it up and within minutes the truck, the trailer and the man are gone.

"Our trailer to top it all off is a rolling billboard," says Millan. "It has 101 Mobility all over it and that's the most shocking part that someone would take it knowing that our name's all over it."

The video captured it all. unfortunately the person's face is covered by his hoodie and the license plates on his truck are gone.

"If he did this in broad daylight, without hesitation -- you can see that in the video," says Millan. "Who knows what else he's capable of, so hopefully we catch this guy."

Millan thinks the truck is an older model Ford F-150, either dark green or black. The front bumper is hanging off on the right side and the back has no tailgate. Millan says he is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the discovery of the trailer and the arrest of the thief. Rochester Police are investigating and ask if you have any information call 911.