Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering reacts to guilty verdict

Posted at: 04/15/2014 4:46 PM
Updated at: 04/15/2014 5:24 PM
By: Jennifer Mobilia

One of the firefighters killed in the West Webster tragedy was firefighter Mike Chiapperini. At his funeral, he was described as someone who made you feel special. The West Webster volunteer firefighter was also a lieutenant in the Webster Police Department.

Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering says his department is happy with the outcome, however, he says a guilty verdict does not bring back the two firefighters we lost or ease the pain that this community felt.

Just moments after the guilty verdict was read, News10NBC sat down with Chief Pickering. He says his entire department worked very hard to put together a rock solid case against Dawn Nguyen. He says there’s no doubt in his mind that Nguyen knew that she was buying a gun for a convicted killer. Chief Pickering says William Spengler often bragged about killing his grandmother to anyone and everyone who would listen. He says the wheels of justice sometimes turn slowly, but in the end, justice was served in this case. 

Chief Gerald Pickering, Webster Police Department, said, “I don't think it is closure, I think it helps bring accountability, for certainly, for the victims, the families and the public. The public certainly wanted to see some accountability and that's what it does, it helps to bring accountability.”

The chief says he knows his department did the best possible job they did to help the state put together its case against Dawn Nguyen. Now he's ready to help the feds with their case.