Mayor Warren hospitalized for flu-like symptoms

Posted at: 04/17/2014 11:11 AM
Updated at: 04/17/2014 6:13 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren is at Strong Hospital with the flu. The mayor checked herself into Strong Hospital late Wednesday night. Her spokeswoman says the mayor is feeling a little bit better.

The mayor is not alone. The New York State Health Department says there are hundreds of New Yorkers in the hospital right now because of the so-called spring flu. 

Mayor Lovely Warren’s office says she started to get sick on Tuesday and it got bad enough that she had to check herself in late Wednesday night. 

Chris Christopher, Mayor Lovely Warren’s spokeswoman, said, “I just saw her again a short time ago and she's doing much better than she was last night. “

Rochester City Hall spokeswoman Chris Christopher says the mayor has been diagnosed with something called Influenza B.

Christopher said, “Which I understand from the doctors is a flu that is going around at the moment.”

Influenza B is also known as the spring flu because it hits after the main winter strain of flu has subsided. 

Experts at Strong say they're basically the same kind of illness. 

Dr. Paul Graman, UR Medicine Infectious Disease Specialist, said, “They can be serious illnesses some of the time as you know. Some patients with the flu get admitted to the hospital and there are occasional deaths.”

Earlier this week, the New York State Health Department reported almost 650 people in New York were in the hospital because of Influenza B. That’s a jump of 30 percent in one week. State health confirmed 2,500 cases total. That is what the mayor has. But her plans are to be home this weekend.

Christopher said, “She was dehydrated, but she’s definitely on the mend and she’s looking forward to being home this weekend with her family to celebrate Easter.”

In Monroe County, the flu is not nearly as bad. In the first week of April, there were 20 cases of the flu.  The peak was in late January with 200 cases. 

City Hall says the plan is that Mayor Warren will spend Easter with her family. She will be released from the hospital either Thursday night or Friday.

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