Local gospel choir takes talent international

Posted at: 06/15/2014 7:00 PM
Updated at: 06/15/2014 11:27 PM

A local gospel choir is headed overseas to share the group’s music and talents with the world.

Rochester’s Elim Christian Fellowship Sanctuary Choir has been invited to Italy to perform at the Tuscany International Choir Festival next weekend.

The 10-year-old choir will perform three concerts during the festival amongst other choirs from all over the globe.

On Sunday, the choir sang its final worship service before heading to Italy.

“People always tell us that we change the moods of wherever we sing, so we’re excited just to go and share what we do every Sunday here at church,” said Jasen Monroe, a choir member.

”We’ve had the chance to be in different places in the community. Certainly, this is unprecedented. Never before have we been able to travel overseas and take our ministry, take our gifts or our talent there. It’s definitely something that we’re all still sort of in shock about even though it’s just days away,” said choir member Brenden Hobbs.

The choir will perform in Italy on Friday, June 20 and Sunday June, 22.