Women, children rescued after canoe overturns

Posted at: 06/25/2014 4:33 AM
Updated at: 06/25/2014 6:01 PM
By: Rebecca Fath

Caught in the storm. A canoe trip on Canandaigua Lake nearly turned tragic. Two adults and two toddlers were on board when a canoe flipped over. It left them all fighting for their lives in the rough waters off shore.

One of the people in the canoe tells us they just couldn’t make it to shore in time to escape the storm and when the canoe tipped, she says she was struggling just to swim while keeping her two-year-old cousin above water.

Tori Casciani and her toddler cousin appear happy and relaxed while recovering from a traumatizing experience. “It made me realize you only get one life and you can’t do it again.”

Four people were on board, including two toddlers, when a violent storm blew in and Casciani says it flipped their canoe in a matter of minutes. “The water was really cold and the waves kept going over our head and the rain kept hitting our face and we couldn’t see anything.”

Casciani remembers swimming with one arm while trying to hold her cousin with the other. Luckily the toddler was wearing a flotation device but Casciani wasn't. “I was sinking into the water and I couldn't get my shoes off so it was hard to swim with my shoes on too.”

Luckily, a few brave souls jumped in and rescued all four of them, bringing them to the city pier. Casciani believes they saved their lives and so does Sarah Powers. She said, “The thought of losing your own kid or something, you see it happen but I never thought it would to me so it was scary.”

Before taking to the water, Casciani says from here on out she'll always check the weather and she will always wear her life jacket.

One of the toddlers was taken to the hospital because she swallowed some water but everyone has been released and is fine.