Former Brockport Walmart being considered to house illegal immigrant children

Posted at: 06/25/2014 10:51 AM
Updated at: 06/25/2014 6:26 PM

Congressman Chris Collins says the Department of Health and Human Services is looking at a former local Walmart to temporarily house undocumented immigrant children. These children have come into the U.S. without their parents.

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On Monday, we told you the department was looking at the Lexington Commerce Center in Greece but we've learned that's been ruled out. Now, Collins says the Walmart on Route 19 in Brockport in the Town of Sweden is under consideration.

“All these children definitely need a place, but I’m not sure how it would be run down there.” Judy Hughes is concerned about who's going to look after the children, who's going to feed them and who's going to pay for them?

We’re told all the costs will be covered by the federal government but those costs will be covered by your federal tax dollars.

This is the second local location picked to house the children. The old Walmart store is bigger and have more bathrooms.

There are as many as 10,000 children coming into this country without their parents every month. The government is looking for places to house them until they can reunite them with their family in their home country. It's a humanitarian crisis that could end up in our backyard.

Hughes said, “I mean if they could get over into the United States without any help, they could be out on the streets and getting into trouble. It's hard to tell.”

The Towns of Greece and Sweden didn't know about the possibilities until we alerted them. We found out because Congressman Chris Collins told News10NBC about it.

He says it's a humanitarian crisis. The children need to be housed and looked after. But not here. 

"I don't believe New York should be on the list," Collins said. 

Brean: Why not? 

Rep. Collins: Well because ultimately, if not immediately I'm convinced there will be a cost that will be passed on to the New York taxpayers.

Brean: So if not here, then where? 

Rep. Collins: I would just suggest not here. My comment is, they're crossing the border in Texas and Arizona, that's where they should be.

Senator Chuck Schumer says the senate has passed an immigration bill that would seal the border. 

"I'm hoping the House of Representatives in the next 30 days can pass this law and then we wouldn't have any of these problems," Schumer said. 

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