Deputies: Pregnant mother injured in road rage incident, issued two tickets

Posted at: 07/16/2014 8:07 AM
Updated at: 07/16/2014 5:31 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

A pregnant woman was ticketed following a road rage crash. News10NBC has learned that she also had her three-year-old in the car.

Sheriff’s deputies say 21-year-old Nicole House and 29-year-old Amanda Hampton were driving in their cars on County Road 30 in Canandaigua Tuesday. Sheriff’s deputies say both women exchanged obscene gestures and ended up in a rear end crash. No one was seriously injured.

The sheriff's office says the crash could have been much worse. Sheriff’s deputies say both drivers did things they shouldn’t have and let their emotions take control. To make it worse, one driver was pregnant and had a three-year-old in the car.

News10NBC spoke with one of the drivers and says she was just trying to protect everyone in the car.

Nicole House said, “I feared for my life, her life, his life and the life of my unborn baby.”

House says she was just trying to take her daughter and brother home Tuesday around 3:30 p.m. when she says a car was tailgating her.

House said, “Forwards, backwards, forward and then she passes me and flips me off and starts swearing at me.”

After that, sheriff’s deputies say House started tailgating the other driver. House says the other driver slowed down and she had no choice. The sheriff's office says that the lead car slammed on her brakes and House rear ended the car.             

Ontario County Undersheriff David Tillman says this is road rage. Tillman warns incidents, like this, can be dangerous to the people involved and others nearby.

David Tillman, Ontario County Undersheriff, said, “The effect it could have on the rest of the motoring public that use that public highway. Their short-sided, angry decisions could have some very serious consequences for anyone using the highway.

News10NBC asked House why she didn't just pull over and wait for the other driver to be far up the road.

House said, “She was the one who provoked it and started it. It was going to continue. So, if I was in front of her, then nothing could happen.”

News10NBC did try to speak with the other driver involved, but she was not home.  Police say both drivers are responsible for the crash. They were ticketed and will have to appear back in court later this month.