Neighbors concerned over lack of details on Knox Street project in Dansville

Posted at: 08/21/2014 5:03 PM
Updated at: 08/21/2014 6:45 PM
By: Brett Davidsen

Some residents on one local street in Dansville say a rumored road project will reduce the value of their homes. They say the Village wants to widen the road and have started taking down trees without sharing any details of the project.

No one on Knox Street in Dansville will argue with the notion that the road needs major repairs but some residents are suspicious about the Village’s intentions and feel they’re being left out of the process.

Nelson Tatu is worried about the future of his property. He’s recently seen surveyors and utility crews around who tell him the Village has plans to widen Knox Street. “I was told they’re planning on widening the road which in turn will only make the cars go faster and less space for my kid to play.”

He says to do that, he’s heard second-hand that they’ll take out his sidewalk and move the utility poles closer to his house. But Tatu and other neighbors say despite the preliminary work on their street, they’ve heard nothing directly from their Village leaders. Ann Davis said, “We have not heard a thing and I’m sure everybody else on the street has not heard a thing either.”

Some residents did get a note outlining the Village’s preliminary plans but many others say they were not notified.

We went to the mayor to get answers and he says the Village would like to widen the street by two feet and replace the water and sewer lines as well as move the sidewalk to the opposite side.

The road does get a lot of traffic by people visiting the hospital but the mayor says right now, they don’t have the money to complete the project. Dansville Mayor Peter Vogt said, “The hope is to get the plan developed over the next several months, over the winter basically, so come spring we can turn to and do Knox Street.”

But if there is no final plan, why has the Village begun taking down trees, including two on Ann Davis’ front lawn? The Village says it was required by the utility company before anything else could get done.

Dansville Highway Superintendent Scott Tracy said, “One thing they wanted was the trees removed before they’d even think of moving the poles. I talked to the residents and they wanted the trees gone anyways.”

Davis said, “They just said we’re taking them down because we’re widening the road. So I don’t know what happened. They just took them down.”

The highway superintendent says regardless of whether the street project gets done or not, the utility poles will be moved back, it’s just a matter of when NYSEG gets around to doing it.