Posted at: 02/24/2010 2:10 PM
Updated at: 02/13/2014 2:53 PM
By: WNYT News


Based on current weather forecast and observations by field Supervisors, City of Schenectady now removal operations will be able to handle Thursday’s storm without the declaration of a Snow Emergency.

Snow removal operations are reviewed on a continual basis by the mayor in consultation with the Commissioner of General Services, the Riding Deputy Fire Chief, and the highest ranking members of the Police Department’s Patrol Division on duty at the time of the review.

Mayor Gary McCarthy advised city residents to avoid unnecessary travel for the next 24 hours, to remove all vehicles from priority streets, fully comply with posted parking regulations, whenever possible find off street parking for vehicles, when removing snow do not place it back in city streets and clear one snow shovel width on each side of fire hydrants.

Any emergency situation should be reported to the Schenectady Dispatch Center by calling 911. Any snow removal issue should be reported to Schenectady City Bureau of Service at (518) 382-5120.