9/11 .. 11 years later

Posted at: 09/11/2012 12:21 PM
By: Benita Zahn

  But somehow that's appropriate on this day of memories that are ephemeral and emotions that sneak out of places we thought were safely tucked away.

   I was at ground zero on Sept 12. To call the site surreal is an understatement. Along with 2 other reporters, 3 photographers and 3 engineers from Newschannel 13 . .we spent a week  in NYC after the attack - reporting.

   On this 11th anniversary I worked with the photographer with whom I drove to NYC that day. Good thing for both of us because so much of what we saw is still hard to describe.  At one point I asked him if I'd really seen the smoke from the towers as we crossed the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan. Did I really see it with my eyes or only in videos replayed hundreds of times? I'd seen it. He saw it too.

    Much in our world has changed since that day. Much of that troubles me. But I am buoyed by those who take this anniversary as an opportunity to do good. I'm a Pollyanna by nature and believe that 'hope springs eternal'. I sure hope so.

  RIP to those who perished that day. Sympathy for those still mourning the loss of loved ones.