BOCES Programs

Posted at: 09/24/2012 1:01 PM
By: Chris Rooney

Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES strives to serve all students and prepare them for future careers.

Therefore, both its Special and Alternative Education as well as its Career and Technical Education programs partner with area businesses and organizations. Businesses include Price Chopper, Holiday Inn, Quad Graphics, Stewart’s, Rite Aid and Hannaford. Students also intern in such organizations as the Wesley Senior Center and Skidmore College.

For the special needs students, working a half-day at a place like the Holiday Inn, provides them with employability skills. Often, the students are hired after they graduate.

For the career and technical education students, studying everything from cosmetology and culinary arts to welding and plumbing, their required internships with companies provide not only employability skills but help them hone their technical knowledge as well. Like with the special needs students, many career and technical education students remain employed wit.

At the Holiday Inn, the special needs students perform tasks that the housekeeping staff doesn’t have time for – such as wiping down pool chairs, door windows and baseboards. As they work, they practice their soft skills – such as good communication and adaptability -- with a job coach.

Students complete a daily self-evaluation of their skills and the job coaches complete one for each students as well. These evaluations are compared so that the students understand how their efforts are being perceived by others. This also helps target skills that they need to focus on.

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