Benita's in-depth interview with Dr. Oz

Posted at: 10/25/2012 4:29 PM
Updated at: 10/25/2012 5:47 PM
By: Benita Zahn

He's a cardiac surgeon, author of countless articles and a slew of best selling books and by the way, he's also host of a popular health show.

Yes, his name is Dr. Mehmet Oz. And recently I had a chance to sit down with him to talk about the show, what drives him and what he wants us all to do, to be healthy.

He enters the studio like a rock star, and to those who follow his show, he is the star  of healthy living - encouraging, nudging, teaching us how to be our best.

“There's something about being able to sit with someone, look them in the eye and being able to see the issues they're trying to address and knowing there are many more at home who can benefit from that conversation.,” said Dr. Oz.

At 52, Dr. Mehmet Oz is on the top of the world. While it's crammed with deadlines and demands he handles it with the cool skill of the surgeon he is. Monday is his planning day, but every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday you'll find him in the studio at NBC in Manhattan. He tapes 2 shows on each of those days. His preparation is as meticulous as if he was operating. In fact, he likens this to an operating room.

“You have bright lights in your face. It's a very sacred place. I have a large audience but where the action happens is actually very reserved. And I adore having that one on one interaction with people,“ he explained

This is the show's fourth season.

While the scenic shop is as busy as ever creating the hands on displays you see, the speed of the show has slowed - focusing on a few key points rather than the torrent of info he was known for sharing.

“If I do that and you're comfortable you know what, you sit back and say, I learned that. I learned that well enough I can apply it to my life.”


So what about all those products he introduces to us .. does he really expect viewers to buy and try them all? That gets a laugh and a knowing nod --

“Most of the time what I'm trying to do is customize ideas for you. It's not to take all five things, it's to take the one that works for you, “ said Oz

And if he could get us all to do one thing, he says the key is,

“Eating real food, comes out of the ground looking the way it does. It's gotta be the color of nature it was given originally. It's gotta have the taste it was originally supposed to have, unadulterated, unprocessed. “

Despite the demands of TV. he's still a practicing cardio-thoracic surgeon. And his eyes tell you, his first love is 'hands on' doctoring.

“Surgery is a very special experience for me,” he says, “I operate every Thursday. I get to look patients in the eye and be there for them and do what I've always done in my life. “

And, he says it grounds him - reminding him not to be too taken with life under the studio's bright lights.

“What's your favorite topic to talk about on the show. I love talking about poop, I gotta say. It's such a cool topic to go to cause folks who will not talk about it private but they're always thinking about it,” he explained.

It's that kind of plain talk that won him fans the first time he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2004.

He never imagine that guest shot would lead to all this. But now that he's here, he's committed to making the most of it, for him, but more importantly, for you.