Complaint over poaching of Cuomo support

Posted at: 11/01/2012 4:28 PM
Updated at: 11/01/2012 5:21 PM
By: Bill Lambdin

TROY - One term incumbent Steve McLaughlin (R - Melrose) was out knocking on doors Thursday afternoon. He says he's going to knock on 11-thousand over the course of the campaign.

"Two years ago when I ran I told the voters I was going to focus on jobs, spending, taxes and fighting the corruption in Albany and I delivered as promised," McLaughlin said.

His opponent, Cheryl Roberts, draws sharp distinctions with McLaughlin.

"I would have voted for the Fair Pay Act," Roberts said. "Mr. McLaughlin voted against it. I oppose fracking except under certain circumstances. I believe he has taken a position for fracking."

But apart from policy differences, Democrats are crying foul over confusion the McLaughlin forces have created.

If you go to his campaign web site and watch the front page pictures cycle through you get to a shot of the Republican Assemblyman shaking hands with our Democratic Governor.


But then go down to endorsements, click on that and the picture freezes. Opponents say McLaughlin is trying to convey an endorsement from the Governor that hasn't been made.

"He's been the antagonist for this progressive Governor and this progressive Governor's administration," said Tom Wade, the chairman of Rensselaer County Democrats.

"I'm proud to work with the Governor," McLaughlin said. "I'm not a webmaster. I don't set up my website."

"I support an increase in the minimum wage now, not later and he opposed it," challenger Roberts countered. "I would have supported the Governor's budget and he was one of only eight people to vote against it."

Other McLaughlin campaign material also shows the candidate close to the Democratic governor.

Earlier in the campaign Roberts was criticized by a third party group for misrepresenting McLaughlin's position on some of her campaign materials.