Port problems cause headaches for local business owners

Posted at: 11/01/2012 4:29 PM
Updated at: 11/01/2012 10:27 PM
By: WNYT Staff

TROY - Problems at the port are causing headaches for many local businesses, in the Capital Region.

Local hotels, many of them, are reporting business is off by as much as 20%.

A new wine bar in Troy is forced to delay its grand opening, and a local trucking firm already has lost tens of thousands of dollars

This trucking firm has 11 trailers in the parking lot is filled with products that should have been already delivered to the New York metro region

The husband and wife team behind this brand-new wine bar planned a grand opening for tomorrow night, but they cannot get the wine out of New York and Long Island

Hurricane Sandy caused waterways and railways to shut down, and and some highways to be impassable.

This has affected commerce in 1/5 of the United States.

Jason smith, Vice president of operations for the Shaker Group Trucking Company in Latham has not been able to deliver loads of paper products from Finch Pruyn and from SCA Tissue Company to customers downstate

Vic Christopher and his wife, Heather Lavine have been working for a solid year creating this new night spot, Charles Lucas Confectionery and wine bar on Second Street in Troy.

The hurricane has made it impossible to get premium wines from their suppliers in Long Island and New Jersey.