43rd Senate Race Candidates interpret poll results differently

Posted at: 11/02/2012 6:00 PM
By: Bill Lambdin

The two active candidates in the race are interpreting the Siena poll results quite differently.

NewsChannel13 caught up with Kathy Marchioe and Robin Andrews on the campaign trail this afternoon.

If the Siena polls is anywhere within the range of accuracy it would appear this race is clear.

But challenger Robin Andrews is not throwing in the towel.

Robin Andrews was going door to door in a Halfmoon neighborhood this afternoon. She says the Siena poll shows district residents are looking for an alternative.

“I think we've done a great job with our grassroots campaign and what I also think it shows is that we're really a moderate district,” said Andrews

Senator Roy McDonald lost the Republican primary by a narrow margin and after a couple of days announced he would not actively campaign, although he still has the Independence Party line and will be on State Senate ballots next Tuesday.

His 29 per cent poll result is a tribute to name recognition plus a heavy flight of TV ads and other campaigning leading up to the September primary.

McDonald did not return calls asking for comment or an interview today.

Kathy Marchione was working in her Halfmoon headquarters this afternoon

“What it tells us is the message that we have been sending that New York spends too much and it borrows too much and people are having a hard time paying their taxes and finding jobs is resonating with the district,” said Marchione

Both Marchione and Andrews say they would bring business experience and job support to the office if voted in Tuesday.

“I’ve taken the Department of Motor Vehicles is Saratoga County, revamped it and now make millions of dollars for the taxpayers,” said Marchione.

“So I'm bringing that business and budgeting experience as well as my love of public service, said Andrews.