Man gets 5 years for Vehicular Assault

Posted at: 11/05/2012 4:34 PM
By: Anna Didio


SARATOGA SPRINGS - A Saratoga Springs man will spend 5 years in jail for vehicular assault.

The man, Aurelio R. Bidinost, also admitted to a second felony for trying to run police off the road.

According to police reports, Bidinost was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his estranged wife, and pulled the wheel, forcing it into the oncoming lane towards a police patrol car.

The officer narrowly missed a head on collision. 

DA Murphy said, “I am most disturbed by Bidinost trying to kill a police officer and his wife.  This person needs to be incarcerated for at least 5 years.  Fortunately, no one was physically injured or the sentence would have been higher. Assistant DA James Davis worked closely with the Saratoga Police and Officer Noeker in order to ensure this dangerous felon is removed from our streets for a long time.”