Storm relief workers face voting challenges

Posted at: 11/05/2012 6:20 PM
Updated at: 11/05/2012 6:40 PM
By: Beth Wurtmann

ALBANY - Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued an executive order allowing displaced people to vote in any polling place they can get to on election day.

That could help the local relief workers like fire fighters, National Guard and the Red Cross who have traveled downstate to help with the post hurricane recovery.

Workers who have worried where and how they could vote.

When word got out that we were looking into how Hurricane relief workers could still cast votes in tomorrow's election, Selkirk District Fire Chief Bill Asprion called us from Long Beach, Long Island.

The Albany County Board of Elections handled the dilemma today, as relief workers and their families called to see if there is any way to cast a ballot.

Trouble is, getting that absentee ballot is often not the first thing on volunteer's minds, according to the Red Cross:

"It's important yes, getting people back on their feet takes, precedence," they said.

It does take precedence, says Selkirk's Chief, but on the eve of the election, he is still holding out hope to vote.


The governor's order allows voters to sign affidavits that they're legally registered to vote at any polling site, even at ones outside their neighborhoods.

The only catch is that they can't vote for state legislative candidates unless the polling place is within the proper legislative district.