Race for 46th Senate District far from over

Posted at: 11/07/2012 5:37 PM
By: Kumi Tucker

Another tough race involves the newly created 46th Senate District.

Republican Assemblyman George Amedore is running against Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk.

Right now, that race is too close to call.  After the polls closed last night, only 139 votes separate the two, but the battle is far from over.

People are watching this race closely, because it could have a big effect on what goes on at the capitol on which party controls the State Senate.

Cat-chick is in the lead right now, but now there will be a recanvass of machines, and counting all the absentee ballots.

On election night, there were a lot of smiles and cheers for republican assemblyman George Amedore, who expressed confidence in a win.

And on the democratic side, Cece Tkaczyk outright declared victory..

Both candidates spoke of their priorities, if elected.

“We've got to attack unfunded mandates. That's going to be the key in success of reducing our property taxes, in  helping our counties, in helping our school districts get the proper funding that's needed,” said Amedore.

“Priority number one will be campaign finance reform.  I'm going to stand up with Governor Cuomo on this issue and make sure we change how things get done in Albany,” said Tkaczyk.

This is a new seat created by Senate Republicans as a result of redistricting, there will now be 63 seats instead of 62.

The Republicans have a 33-29 majority in the Senate.

But now, after the election, the chamber could be tied, and control of the Senate could come down to this seat.

Who holds the majority could affect major policy, including campaign finance reform, minimum wage, and how they spend your money.

“There are an awful lot of issues that will come down in this budget.  And of course, that makes a big difference, who controls the State Senate as to what happens in a state budget,” said Bartoletti.