Staten Island recovering from Sandy, bracing for Nor'easter

Posted at: 11/07/2012 6:49 PM
By: Jessica Layton

STATEN ISLAND, NY - Ten days into this marathon recovery, reality and the stench of old garbage and mold are sinking in.

Hector Reyes has made non stop visits to the flooded out homes on Father Capodanno Boulevard in Staten Island. He's a licensed general contractor who has seen it all since Sandy.

Asked what's been the toughest part, he says, "The dead bodies. While pumping out flooded basements, dead bodies."

Retired NYPD Office Anthony Luizzo evacuated, but then came home to a house in ruins.

"We're getting there. It's a disaster, but we're getting there," Luizzo said.

The piles of property are overwhelming. And with a now Nor'easter on the way, it can start to feel like the cards are stacked against you.

The sight of a sanitation truck was an uplifting moment. And when volunteers from Upstate New York  showed up unannounced with a truck full of diapers, blankets and food, it felt like the neighborhood hit the lottery. That's the sort of kindness Hector Reyes is counting on moving forward.

"We can rebuild this, we can come together and do it," he said.