Fire fighters return home from hurricane-stricken NY

Posted at: 11/08/2012 6:10 PM
Updated at: 11/08/2012 6:27 PM
By: Beth Wurtmann

TROY - Returning after a challenging three day journey to Long Island, Pleasantdale fire fighters came home to the warm embrace of family members; still shaken over what they saw in the post hurricane destruction.

"When you see little kids, they got nothing. It hurts, it hurts," said Sean Morrissey, a fire fighter.

They worked in Island Park and Baldwin, barely laying down to rest on cots set up in fire stations, only to be sent out again. 48 emergency calls in 72 hours...a number that would take two months to cover back home.

"To see it, it's bad. The mattresses and hardwood floors. Everything's in the street. They come up with a bucket truck and pick it up and put it in a tractor trailer and take it away," said Dave Manzer, Pleasantdale Chief. 

They witnessed first-hand the ruined belongings and piles of garbage. New Yorkers, coping with the lack of power, water and gasoline, followed by snow.

"We were out all night all day. It's hard to see those people go through what they went through and on top of it the other day they got almost four inches of snow it's hard it's very hard to be away from our families," said

They said it felt good to do their part, no matter how small. And with so much rebuilding ahead for their neighbors downstate, Pleasantdale fire fighters said they'll go back if needed, in a heartbeat.

"It's definitely nothing I've ever seen before. These people really need help down there. They really do," Morrissey said.

All the fire fighters we talked to say the need is so great in New York City and Long Island, they would go back on a moment's notice if asked.