East Greenbush residents and businesses doing their part for Sandy relief

Posted at: 11/10/2012 12:24 PM
Updated at: 11/10/2012 10:39 PM
By: Cadence Acquaviva

EAST GREENBUSH - Katelynn White is a little girl with a big heart, doing her part to help the victims of super storm sandy.

Tell us what you donated?

“Cans of food.”

Because she's 9 years old, she can't yet understand the depths of despair caused by the hurricane, but her grandpa does.

“The people are in bad shape down there.”

The East Greenbush Fire Department is asking Capital Region residents to pitch in to bring a little hope to people in Long Island and Staten Island whose lives have been turned upside down.

“It’s heartbreaking down there, you know, and we’re just trying to help out the people that really, really need it.”

This garage was empty when they started this project, so they’ve collected all this stuff in just a matter of a few hours. The goal here is to collect enough food, water, diapers and cleaning supplies to fill an 18-wheeler. It looks like they’re well on their way.

“East Greenbush is a great community, we’ve always been giving. I thought it was a good opportunity to give back.

Several local organizations have the same idea. Employees with the States Division of Criminal Justice spent the morning stuffing a truck with supplies to go downstate. Governor Cuomo touched on the outpouring during an afternoon press conference in Manhattan.

“The silver lining of this situation all along has been watching New Yorkers rise to the occasion.”

A lesson in being a great neighbor to people you probably will never meet. A chance to pile on some generosity, no matter your age.

The tractor trailer full is heading out in about a week. They wanted to go down on Monday but they cannot because of the shortage of diesel fuel. If you didn't get there last night, you can drop items off at the East Greenbush Fire Department on Phillips Road today from 12:00pm until 8:00pm. And a reminder, postal carriers in our area will be collecting canned food today for victims of Superstorm Sandy. All you have to do is leave the donations in your mailbox.