Police investigate burglary from Montgomery County charity

Posted at: 11/14/2012 6:22 PM
By: John McLoughlin

AMSTERDAM - It began as a police investigation into a reported burglary of thousands of dollars worth of goods belonging to a non-profit group calling itself "Stop the Violence", and our NewsChannel 13 camera kept rolling as it kept unfolding.

‘Stop the Violence’ describes itself as a non-profit that helps out people like victims of domestic violence and those who are homeless and while we were at the scene of the alleged crime, one young suspect was taken in for questioning and several items were recovered, including a Miami Dolphins pillow and a toaster.

Karen Clay says she heads up the charity, and she told police she discovered yesterday all the items were missing from thheir rented garage.

Karen said, "It looks like a pile of junk because they took all the good stuff..."

When asked why Karen is telling police that he stole the items, teenager Carlos Figueroa, said, “I don't know, because I did not do it."

Carlos Figueroa says Karen hired him to watch the garage, but when Amsterdam police went inside Carlos' home next door, they found the Dolphin's pillow and toaster.

The teenager insisted Karen told him he could have them

Carlos Said, "I told the cops that the only things that I took were the things that were in the back, that's all.."

The Amsterdam Police took Carlos in for questioning late Wednesday afternoon, and charged Figueroa with burglary third degree and possession of stolen property.

One police source told NewsChannel13, "Carlos changed his tune and told us all about it.”