St. Peters hospital to undergo $150,000,000 project

Posted at: 11/15/2012 6:12 PM
By: WNYT Staff

TROY - 150 million dollars over 13 years is what it will take to implement the plan to re-make how St. Peter's Health Partners deliver care in Troy.

The project is billed as one of the largest private sector investments in the history of Troy and Renssealear County.

It stems from the merger a year ago of St. Peter's, Seton health and North East Health.

It's a plan with a 150 million dollar price tag and need 13 years to complete says Dr. James Reed, CEO of St. Peters health care - fullfilling the promise made when St. peters merged with northeast and Seton health.

“All of the changes mean that the inpatient beds in Troy will be here at Samaritan hospital, the emergency department also here at Samaritan and in this area there's be a new 5 story patient tower and a parking garage,” he said.

    Patient care will continue for the next decade at St. Mary's - But when the project is completed, this facility will be for ambulatory care and outpatient services.

“Continuing with 2 community hospitals in Troy simply wasn't sustainable, financially. Troy hospitals run approximately 60 percent of their licensed beds,” said Reed.

  Today 390 beds are licensed.  When the work's done the number will shrink to 237 - a reflection of how the medical world has and continues to change- with fewer people admitted for treatment and more care delivered on an outpatient basis.

    No jobs are expected to be lost due to these changes says Reed - but job descriptions will change - again, as health care changes.