Really, the holidays

Posted at: 11/16/2012 3:50 PM
By: Benita Zahn

But is anyone not crazy busy these days? Then again, who can complain compared to what the folks in SANDY'S way are dealing with. While most have their power back there are hundreds, if not more, who don't and will never be able to go home again. The water ruined their homes.

Some are living with family - I know one woman who's living with her daughter and 2 other families: 14 all together in a single family home.

And how do you manage to cover your mortgage and pay rent if you're lucky enough to salvage your home but need a place to live while the clean up is being done?

These are going to be challenging months, no question ..

My game plan for Monday is to head to Long Island and see the Red Cross effort.

I'll also keep my eyes out for power repair crews.

Another friend tells me that a friend of their's is on one of those crews and it's getting ugly - frustrated people have been aggressive. I'm sure nerves are frayed. The friend reports, work is so slow because of the extensive damage.. that it can take a few days just to get a few homes back up.

Like I said, challenging months .. I hope there's enough good cheer and spirit to help those in need.

If you've made a trip to hard hit areas and helped with recovery - let me know.