Pittsfield pair comes to aid of cancer patients

Posted at: 11/16/2012 5:14 PM
By: WNYT Staff

PITTSFIELD - A Pittsfield pair comes to help of cancer patients--it may be hard for others to identify with exactly what they are going through.

Now there is a place in Pittsfield where those 'impacted' by the disease can feel at home. Diane Zim-Lack says when she battled cancer, nearly 10 years ago, she wishes there had been a place to go to talk and share her feelings, to be with other people that have been through that journey.

Today, there is such a place in Pittsfield called 'Moments House'.

The founders of 'Moments House' is a mother and daughter team, Alice and Danielle Trumbull.

The pair created the house for people going through cancer, but also for their families---a place away from the hospital- that resembles home--for people to come and find support. When you hear cancer, their co workers along with being a support center, moments house also offers referrals for legal assistance, and therapy.

They also take special requests.

Moments House was 'birthed' out of necessity, and also to honor a friend 'who' died a couple of years ago from cancer.

The daughter Danielle thinks she would be proud and says the public is responding positively too-- and remembers a woman who came in the first day it opened.

Diane Zim-Lack is so appreciative there is such a place she plans to volunteer and help others who now fight the battle she once did.