Cancer Clinical Trials

Posted at: 11/28/2012 5:10 PM
By: Allison Dorchik

Health research is big business for the Capital Region and good for your health. That's the message shared today by a group that put all that information into one, easy to use, report. 

A cast of lawmakers, policy shapers and researchers gathered to share a report showing a third of all clinical drug trials in this country originate in New York state - that's almost 63-hundred since 1999 - bringing mountains of money with it. 

Kaelan Hollon from Pharma says, "These trials are important to ... about 200 thousand New Yorkers across New York state on the whole."

In Albany and what's billed as the greater capital region .. 780 clinical trials have been or are still underway on diseases including asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness and stroke .. 67 are still recruiting patients .. another payoff of this work as capital region residents can more easily take part in these cutting edge treatments - people like Scott Daley who's been living with HIV for 27 years. 

Daley says, "Development of new medications has lifted people from death's door and put them back in mainstream America."

And then there are the trickle down jobs - those supporting researchers and folks who manufacture new treatments - like we're seeing at Regeneron in Renssealer where a new drug to treat age related macular degeneration, a vision robbing disease, recently got FDA approval.

The report released today titled: research in your backyard was compiled and Pharma .. a trade group representing pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies. It's an easy to use listing of all the clinical research projects in New York, gleaned from a federal website making it an easy to use tool for those looking to recruit researchers, research dollars and bio-tech job creators.  

CEO of CEG, Michael Tucker says, "We truly are building a life science, biotech pharmaceutical powerhouse."