Mechanicville native killed in Afghanistan

Posted at: 12/03/2012 2:04 PM
Updated at: 12/03/2012 10:17 PM
By: Dan Bazile

MECHANICVILLE –A 26-year-old Marine native to Mechanicville was killed in action Saturday in Afghanistan.

Anthony Denier served in the Third Marines, Ninth Battalion. He was killed during a fire fight that ensued after a suicide bomber attempted to drive onto a base. A military spokesperson said Denier was injured in his neck. He was taken to a medical facility where he died.

Members of the Marines met with Denier’s family on Monday.

"I am proud of him," his mother, Mary Morgan told NewsChannel 13. "I want to tell everybody that. The only thing keeping me going is remembering what he had said to me. And it was something he needed to do. He said it's a new chapter in his life."

Denier joined the Marines 18 months ago. The family says being a service member was his dream. He had uncles in all branches of the military.

"He died doing what he wanted to do. That was to protect our country, to protect other people," said his sister Maria Betts.

Flags in the city are currently flying at half staff.