Lifetime to profile convicted ax murderer Porco

Posted at: 12/03/2012 5:31 PM
Updated at: 12/04/2012 10:20 AM
By: Abigail Bleck

DELMAR - The brutal murder of Peter Porco  and the horrific maiming of his wife Joan as the couple slept in their Delmar home received so much attention, the trial was moved out of Albany County. 

So it comes as no surprise to defense attorney Terry Kindlon that an entire movie could be made without his input -- or that of the district attorney's office.

"There was so much information in the public domain when we made a change of venue request, that our motion paperwork was this thick," explained Kindlon.

Lifetime's "Romeo Kill: The Chris Porco Story" will star Matt Barr as the college kid turned convicted killer Christopher.  His mild-mannered mother Joan, who stood by him during the trial and even now, will be portrayed by Lolita Davidovich and Eric McCormack stars as the lead detective, according to Deadline Hollywood, an online publication.

There is no word on Kindlon's Hollywood counterpart.

"Some things are best left to history, but I guess this won't be one of them," added Kindlon, who appeared simultaneously understanding and exasperated at the public interest in this case.

Kindlon lives in Delmar, the usually quiet community rocked by the 2004 ax attack.  And during the trial his house was egged and his then young children harassed. 

If comments on the entertainment website announcing the movie are any indication, the case is still very emotionally charged.

"It has been the source of a tremendous amount of anger and it's a troublesome issue," Kindlon said.

Kindlon defended Porco from indictment in 2005 until the most recent appeal denial by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Even though Porco is no longer his client, Kindlon believes, "No case is ever over...he's done a tremendous amount of legal research on his own. I fully expect he'll take over and become a legendary jailhouse lawyer."

When asked if Kindlon's belief in Porco's innocence has wavered the response was emphatic.

"I am utterly convinced that Christopher Porco is completely innocent and was convicted because of a tsunami of prejudicial information," he said.

The Bethlehem Police Department has been contacted by the movie makers.  But it was not about case specifics.  It was more about departmental operations, like what color uniforms the officers wear.