AG's office and FBI raid Altamont Program

Posted at: 12/12/2012 5:06 PM
Updated at: 12/13/2012 4:38 PM
By: WNYT Staff


SCHENECTADY - The State Attorney General's Office and FBI have raided the Altamont Program on Duane Avenue.

A source close to the AG's office tells us it's tied to one of three search warrants connected to the Peter Young Organization.

So far, no comment on any arrests in the case.

Father Peter Young's Treatment Centers help about 5,000 people across the state fight alcohol and drug addiction.

The raid ended around 6 p.m. Wednesday evening.

The organization's lawyer tells NewsChannel13 that the raid came completely out of the blue, and there was never a reason for the search warrant in the first place.

FBI agents on the scene were rolling out carts with boxes and loading them into their vans.

Both the AG's office and the FBI have yet to comment, but a former director of Father Young' drug treatment program has been taken into custody in Florida as a fugitive from justice.

The Times Union reports that Dennis Bassat was fired last year after he was allegedly caught stealing from the organization.

The organization then fired that employee and other employees that they felt knew what had been going on.

The agency's lawyer said that the search warrants involved seizure of documents that had already been made fully available by Father Young's staff to state auditors without the need for a search warrant.

Father Young is currently recovering from surgery and was not able to comment.

NewsChannel13 will keep you updated.