Young woman conquers fears, learns to pay it forward

Posted at: 12/13/2012 6:34 PM
Updated at: 12/14/2012 5:11 PM
By: Elaine Houston

Katelyn Corey admits she's always been a little plump.

“My family, still to this day, we love to eat. We love to socialize,” she recalled.

Unfortunately, when she was young her weight served as fodder for bullies.

“Kids tease you and whatever, but it was gym class physical fitness tests especially,” she said.

That angst would sabotage any attempts to lose the weight.

“Exercising with a group of people was really hard for me because I felt pressure to keep up. And a lot of times I couldn’t because I was never an athlete,” she said.

But nearly two and a half years ago she faced her fears and hit the track.

“She was so consistent and I knew she’d get there,” said Jeffrey Krisanda, a personal trainer at the YMCA, “but there was a day when she came in, I looked at her and she didn’t seem like the same person anymore. She seemed like had transformed.”

“I just stopped one day and thought about where I should be at this point in my life. And I Should be my fastest. I should be my strongest. And I was tired of feeling bad,” Corey said.

Now she is paying it forward, sharing the secrets to her success in “Fitness Magazine.”

In fact, facing her fears and helping others to do the same has been a running theme recently in Corey's life.

Like most with a loved one in the military, Corey was worried when her boyfriend left for South Korea. However, she turned that worry into work, volunteering at the Capt. John J. McKenna Military Courtesy Room, making military families feel at home as they passed through the Albany International Airport. 

“She's always thinking of other people, despite everything,” said her friend Juliana Hernandez.

Kate was thinking about Hernandez's engagement party when she made cupcakes for her. Little did she know it would lead to her new business, Kate's Cakes.

“I said to her, ‘You should start a business,’” Hernandez said.

But that's Corey’s night job. At her day job -- her first job out of college -- she's a promotions producer at NewsChannel 13. She admits there was some trepidation too when she took the job.

“Terrified! I was scared of you. I was scared of Benita. I was scared of Jessica,” Corey laughed.

In everything that Corey has been able to do, she says she's always been met by fear, but she learned to feel the fear and toughen up her core.